J Trees line of locally crafted wines has become a recent favorite in Michigan, and we were happy to help create a look for them that would stand out on the racks.

Luna Bar has been "passionate about making delicious food for women" since 1999, and needed a website that showed that, and let others share their passions. Elevated Works created a website that allowed customers to submit their own inspirations, and vote on others to be printed on Luna Bar labels.

A collaboration with Number 9

Duo was formed by a team of security industry luminaries, and have developed a system of secure authentication that can use your cell phone to log you in to your accounts in the banking, medical and financial industries.

Elevated Works helped Duo not only have a brand identity and website that fits their mission, we named the company.

Don Q surveyed hundreds of women, asking them questions about relationships, careers, and style to find The Female Perspective. Elevated Works created a website to display that information and share Don Q's LadyData.

A collaboration with Odopod.

When Eve Aranoff, creator of the massively popular eve restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, approached Elevated Works to help craft the look for her new restaurant, we were thrilled.

Frita Batidos is a Cuban-inspired downtown eatery, and Eve wanted the design to evoke a clean aesthetic, but with just enough flare to entice and excite, while being reminiscent of Cuban street food packaging.